RECIPE CARD: dark cherry overnight oats. 

It's pretty rare that I eat breakfast, and I think my reasoning is that I never have enough time in the morning to cook. Or I'm just too lazy to make something for only myself. This recipe has become my go-to, because I can quickly make it the night before, and it's healthy and delicious! It's easy to stir everything up in a mason jar and convenient to grab in the morning. Sometimes I even take this along in the car. This is my favorite combo, but any kind of fruit or peanut/almond butter would be great.

2/3 cup almond milk
1/2 cup organic rolled oats
1/2 cup vanilla or plain greek yogurt
Pinch of cinnamon

Dark sweet cherries
Crunchy granola

1. Mix together all of the ingredients and put in an airtight container. I like to mix everything in a mason jar.
2. Refrigerate overnight or for 3 hours.
3. Add in the toppings & enjoy!

VAGABOND STYLE: windswept. 

[the little details: vintage saks 5th avenue dress, anthropologie clutch, kate spade sunglasses, the vagabond queen fluorite & amethyst rings]

I love vintage clothing because of the thrill of the unexpected. You never know what you’re gonna get. I’ve had vintage trips where I’ve combed through rows and rows of clothing, in shopaholic desperation, and still left the store empty-handed. Yet it’s worth it for the thrill of that one find. There’s still something about finding a piece of clothing or jewelry that’s so unique, that no one else currently has, that keeps me coming back for more. This dress was a vintage store find. As any veteran vintage hoarder would advise, it’s important to try everything on because the sizing is different and you’ll discover details that you would have never noticed. As someone who hates trying on clothing with a passion, I tend to opt to try things on when I get home. So I discovered that this vintage“dress” is actually pants… Or something like pants. Pantaloons, maybe? With my costume jewelry and flowy dress/pantaloons, I feel very “Three’s Company” Mrs. Roper meets “I Dream of Jeannie”, but I’ve decided to just go with it.

DIY: boho charm bracelets. 

This week, I repurposed some old jewelry and made these summery boho bracelets for myself. Most of the beads and charms were from vintage pieces that had fallen apart, or from jewelry that I no longer wear. However, you can easily & inexpensively recreate these bracelets for yourself!

With the exception of the beads, you will need the same tools to create both of these bracelets. You'll have some supplies left over, but it's great to have these basic items on hand!

For bracelet #1:
I used coins that had fallen off a purse of mine, vintage lapis charms, vintage gold and wooden beads, and some tassels that I made awhile ago. For your own version, feel free to experiment with repurposing some of your old jewelry. Anything goes! Any of the below versions will work as well:

Lapis charms (here and here)

For bracelet #2: 
Use the same tools as above. For the beads, these versions will work:

Measure and cut about 15" of beading wire so that you have plenty to work with. Loop the piece of beading wire around a jump ring, slide on a crimp bead, make sure that your wires are laying side by side (not crossed), and press shut with the pliers. For more detailed instructions with pictures, click here! Rest assured, if you're a novice jewelry maker, the crimp bead will be the only tricky part.
String on your beads and tassels in the order that you like best. I made my bracelet about 7" long total. Loop the wire through the clasp and a crimp bead and press shut. Trim the excess bead wire. 
You can use this technique to make tons of adorable bracelets using leftover charms and beads. For another fun bracelet DIY, check out this wire bow bracelet.

VAGABOND STYLE: top yourself. 

Photos by Erika Banks for Inspired Exposures
[the little details: vintage jacket, kate spade blouse, elizabeth & james boots, levis jeans, free people hat, all jewelry the vagabond queen]

Just a quick post before I pack up & get ready to do a little traveling this weekend! Erika snapped these photos while we were wandering around & exploring Mount Washington in Pittsburgh. As much as I love traveling to new places, it's always fun to play tourist in your own city.

ART: jose romussi. 

all images Jose Romussi here

These gorgeous embroidered photographs are by Jose Romussi, a Chilean artist living and working in Berlin. I'm adding this onto the list of DIY projects I'd like to try out. A Beautiful Mess already did their version and it turned out so cute!